Technology means development.  We operate at the pulse of this development.  To always be up-to-date we cooperate with Chinese Universities to be part of the technology that makes our world a better place to be.

We are proud to have had students from Shanghai Universities join our headquarters in Germany for an internship or to write their Bachelor Thesis.  Some of them now work in Germany on a full-time basis.

In Shanghai:

Star Engineering & Consulting has been the host of Chinese and international students with technical engineering backgrounds who became a Shanghai team member for a few months.

If you want to be one of them and if you are interested in cooperating with us on selected technical and process-related topics, please contact us at:

"Being part of the international Star Team for me means to be in charge of challenging, top-level projects in different areas of the Chinese automobile industry."
Senior Consultant

"I have been with Star Engineering & Consulting for one year. Here I experienced a high-level of professional training and development of my skills."
Junior Consultant

"At Star I can actively participate, take over own challenging task and responsibilities from the very first day."