The Star Factor

We, at Star Engineering & Consulting, can offer you comprehensive services along the entire value chain.  We support you all the way:  Starting from supplier evaluation and supplier selection to product launch, after sales management and technical dealership trainings.

Our experts have long-term experience in project and process management; quality and supplier management; as well as technical training & coaching programs for your staff and your suppliers.  We understand the automobile world, in and outside of China.  And we all share the passion and vision to create the best solutions for our clients.  With our experience and professional knowledge we help you succeed.

We bring The Star Factor . . .

Synergies . . . Combining our strengths with yours

We are proactive and driven to help you succeed.  We bring a fresh set of eyes to every situation and are able to quickly become a part of your solution.  Our people are bright, dedicated experts in their field.  We deliver results and we deliver on our promises.

Teamwork . . . Our best people working with yours

Our people are fresh, intuitive, dynamic, visionary, competent, engaging, reliable, and respectful.  We call these character traits the Star Genes and pass them on to all of our employees.  We hire only the best, so you receive only the best!

Adept. . . . . . We speak your language and the language of your industry

Star Engineering & Consulting employees bring a depth of knowledge from proven experiences in the automobile industry.  We know your processes, understand your systems, and can visualise your goals.

Results . . . Our services are result driven

We provide services across the value chain for a number of automobile industry leaders.  Clients are able to go further faster and achieve more with Star Engineering & Consulting on board.

. . . This is The Star Factor!

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