Quality Management

Your goals

Your clients expect high-quality products and services just as you expect high-quality products and processes from your suppliers. At the same time you need to reduce costs and react within shorter R&D time frames. Furthermore, you, your suppliers and sub-suppliers have to adhere to internationally acknowledged quality standards. To achieve all this, your processes need to be in place and designed to deliver high-quality results.

Our solutions and services

Star Engineering & Consulting supports you in developing and implementing the best and most efficient tailor-made processes that guarantee the results for which you and your clients strive.

What we do

We offer both: operational and strategic solutions. For instance, we develop and establish your company-specific quality management system and refine processes with you to reduce your costs and to increase your efficiency. We:

  • Introduce, maintain and further develop your organisation’s quality management system
  • Guide, plan and ensure quality outcome: from the product development phase, to start of production (SOP) through until end of production (EOP)
  • Foster cost reductions by implementing or optimising module strategies or variants change management
  • Define and implement quality methods and tools such as APQP, PPAP, FMEA etc.

How we do this

To ensure the best quality management results, we specialise in operational as well as strategic services. Using our services will empower you to:

  • Monitor and control the quality of your development & production output
  • Utilise APQP, PPAP as well as FMEA, SPC and similar quality methods & tools
  • Implement quality control systems and conduct reparation simulations
  • Coach your management and your staff to strive for excellence in quality

We ensure your quality standards!