Technical Training

Your Goals

You aim at having highly trained and qualified technical staff in your dealerships and subsidiaries; you want your dealerships to achieve a thorough understanding and top-notch overall capabilities through training and comprehensive services; and you want to have the same qualification standards China-wide.

Our Services 

Star Engineering & Consulting develops training programs for you to have thoroughly qualified staff at your dealerships.  We provide non-technical & technical trainers for our clients worldwide.  Our trainings focus on qualification programs of your technical and non-technical staff members.

What We Do

We focus on the automobile industry.  Based on varied goals and demands, we conduct trainings and we set up professional teams to conduct on-site investigations and then design and develop training solutions that can include:

  • Customised training programs for your specific needs
  • Varying levels of trainings: from basic qualification to advanced trainings
  • Support in defining training guidelines and processes
  • Integration of new trainings and training approaches into your daily business
  • Management coaching in your dealership sites

How We Do It

Star Engineering & Consulting has strong relations and extensive experience within the automobile industry.  We believe in the idea of win-win solutions.  Based on circumstances currently given within the automobile industry, we offer services that:

  • Are customised to your individual requirements
  • Focus on the conceptual development of training programs and materials
  • Are implemented and executed by our own trainers at your premises or in our facilities
  • Can even include the production of your training materials

Star Engineering & Consulting is well established in China and well recognised as a competent partner for technical trainings.  We qualify your team!