How do we optimize complex warehouse management systems?
How do we optimize complex warehouse management systems?
With state-of-the-art technology and automated processes - fast, flexible and digital


100% digital: Cutting-edge warehouse tech in Magdeburg

The STARS have built a state-of-the-art logistics center for our customers from scratch in Magdeburg. It spans 6,300 square meters and houses more than 50,000 media products.

The trick behind it: all processes are automated and completely digital. Paper documentation is thus a thing of the past – a quantum leap into the future. The smart SAP Warehouse Management by STAR has made it possible: the digitally organized warehousing and logistics module.


Our customers supply their dealers all over the world with sales and onboard literature. Any time, in the right quantity and quality. What they needed: a state-of-the-art logistics center for media products. Entirely in keeping with the motto: from Magdeburg to the whole world.


No more outdated storage management. Away with paper documentation and manually populated Excel tables. Instead: automated processes, 100% digital. Fast, simple, transparent, perfectly controlled logistics. It was a major change request that needed to be implemented in a very short time. Perfect for the bright minds from LOGISTICS, IT and MEDIA


SAP Warehouse Management by STAR

Thanks to the unique IT solution, SAP Warehouse Management by STAR, all logistics processes at the new site are fully digitized. Our STARS record and control processes from mobile devices to prevent errors and ensure timely completion. The result: Our clients’ logistics system works like a charm. The SAP model is highly flexible and can be adapted to any new client and their individual challenges. For efficient warehouse management that is transparent, economical and flexible!

Design cutting-edge logistics processes – thanks to smart SAP Warehouse Management by STAR.

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